“Worst case scenarios rarely happen. And even when they do, they’re not as bad as we think. In fact, what most of us call a worst-case scenario is often just a reduction in our standard of living. If it becomes as bad as you’d feared, you can always get another job. You can recover your life’s savings. You can get your dignity back. But you can never recover what you never tried at all.”
— Ben Arment

A List of Joy #11

56. When God answers my prayers

57. The smell of sunscreen and salt in the air as I lay on the warm beach sand

58. The sizzle of greasy bacon in the frying pan

59. Curling up in the crook of my husband’s arm on the couch 

60. Unexpected money deposited in an empty bank account

Inspired by @tehshmara. I’m not an artist but here’s my attempt to make art every day. It’s called Cheska’s Manifesto at Age 30! ;) #makegoodart #liveyourbestlife